Welcome to Indira Yoga

Hatha and Yin Yoga.
Gentle and calming for the body and mind.

Yoga is an ideal practice for every body of every shape, age, and physical ability.

Take the time out to gift yourself an hour of gentle physical movement and deep relaxation.
It's the ideal way to honour oneself in this hectic paced world.

Indira Yoga can help you conquer the stresses in your lives.

Everyone has heard of the many benefits of yoga but many people still believe they aren't strong or flexible enough to start or don't realise that you can practice even if you have injuries or suffer from debilitating illnesses.

I have never known anyone who came out of an hour's yoga class feeling worse than when they went in....

I have taught clients recovering from cancer, who are living with ME, who have neck injuries, carpal tunnel, knee injuries and clients who couldn't straighten their arms, who couldn't touch their knees let alone their toes!

With patience and a regular practice I truly believe there is nothing that yoga cannot hugely help.

Come and join one of our gentle Hatha flow, Yin Yoga classes or join our meditation or mindfulness sessions

We cover Hertfordshire and surrounding areas

Spencer Sports Centre
Spencer Recreational Ground
High Street
We offer
Group classes
Kids 1-2-1
Private sessions
Professional destress classes
Pre wedding privates
Meditation and mindfulness in schools
Everyone welcome
All ages and abilities
Injury recovery